From Head to Toe: What I've noticed being a raw vegan for 6 months

So many things have changed over the course of six months being a raw vegan. I am so happy with how far I have come and excited for more changes to follow! I thought I would share what has changed in me, hopefully to inspire others to add more raw foods and become vegan.

Mood. My mind is sharper and more focused. I feel balanced and my spirituality feels like it is enhanced. Calm and relaxed, I don't feel stress like I used to. Hard times happen to all of us and we have had some happen in the last month that would have seriously stressed out some couples, but not us. We have been flying through this with not a care in the world. Crazy right? It's true. I feel at one with the earth, and the longer I am vegan, the more compassionate and emotional I get in regards to animal welfare and safety. I question. Why are we so intense when a person hurts a dog for "entertainment" and we demand justice. We demand the man be treated the same way, yet that night for dinner we have a steak from a cow that didn't want to die. That possibly had their family torn from them and left in a small area to live it's short life for OUR enjoyment of meat. I digress.

My hair is soft and full! I have a few less grey hairs (not that I had many to begin with) but I am noticing less and less as the months go on. Some people will go through a phase where they will lose hair (I did lose a bit more than normal in the beginning). This is NOT a protein deficiency from my understanding. Lots of people will say their new raw diet isn't working and get scared, returning to meat or back to loads of cooked foods. I have read (now don't quote me) that this is simply an adjusting phase and many long term raw vegans who have experienced this, have even fuller hair than they did before. So just have patience. Allow your body to detox and release. Things will improve.

My skin! OH MY SKIN!! I'm sure you have seen some of my videos on my skin improvements. I think this is the change that I am most happy about. I dealt with cyclic acne for the last 10 years. No product, diet or mental method helped me. I was addicted to coffee and energy drinks and that didn't help things. It made me nervous and I touched my face like a maniac, spreading the acne to other areas. They also never healed, taking sometimes months. To me, this was a sign of insulin resistance and pre-diabetic symptoms from all the fat and processed sugars in my diet. I was frustrated, embarrassed and in despair over my skin that I was getting seriously depressed because of it. I am now nearly all healed and I rarely break out in new acne. It will take time to heal completely, but the improvement is nothing short of a miracle. I also feel incredibly hydrated and the organic cruelty free makeup that I love to use goes on smoothly and beautifully. Yay to fruit and veg!

My teeth and nails are stronger. Whiter. My teeth used to be so see-through that my husband felt that it looked very unhealthy. All of the calcium I had depleted from those carbonated drinks scares me but I am healing now. It'll also take time but it's greatly improved. I also have zero tooth sensitivity and I used to use a numbing toothpaste to ease the pain when I ate. I threw that away. I don't need it anymore!

I have WAY more energy than I ever have. About 18 months ago, I was on a strict ketosis style of diet. It was light on the greens, heavy on the fat and protein whilst calorie restricting. I dreaded the gym and was there sometimes for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I worked my butt off, dragging myself all the time and struggling. I would get light headed (lack of protein hey? haha) and have to stop. I had hardly any carbohydrate getting into my cells. I did lose a bit of weight, but after the 2 months were over, I gained it all back super fast within a few months. I no longer believe in calorie restricting, and I no longer believe in high fat/high protein diets. I don't care how organic my meat was. It didn't work long term, and I felt like a sluggish snail. I couldn't even do a full 1 hour workout with my trainer, she would leave me with a whole bunch of moves and the whole thing would end up taking me 90-100 minutes to complete. Today I can do the whole workout with 5 minutes to spare and completely enjoy my runs. It's a complete change and I am happy now to exercise when I can. I don't need to break myself at the gym to lose weight, it is coming off naturally, slowly and healthily. My movement has also increased, I am no longer stiff all the time and when I squat my knees no longer cause me to cut my session short.

Sleeping and breathing. Wow do I ever sleep better! For one, I used to snore. Or shall I say breathe funny? I think it was a combination of heavy breathing and snoring at night and my husband used to wake me up 10-15 times every single night to get me to stop. I was frustrating both of us and I didn't know what to do. Now, we both sleep through the night and have little problems waking up in the mornings. It's so wonderful! I also want to add here, that I used to wake up on my own as well with my heart pumping so fast I felt like it would stop and I felt like I was dying or having a heart attack. I attribute that to a mix of stress and being addicted to energy drinks, but also not getting nourishment despite "eating meat".

My female monthly cycle is smooth and regular! I rarely have cramps, I used to have debilitating ones and not be able to get out of bed. This, I am grateful for.

My digestion is so completely different. I do include enemas into my routines to help my body clean out years of junk, and all of my fresh raw foods has my tummy super happy. Need I say more?

My weight. Definitely not the main reason why I became a raw vegan (main reason was overall feeling of sluggish tiredness and a conviction that what I was doing was going to make me sicker) but it was one of them. I felt frumpy and none of my clothes fit anymore and I didn't want to buy new bigger ones. Being thinner before and compared to where I was, I felt as though I was pulling around so much extra that wasn't supposed to be part of me. I have lost to date (169 days raw vegan) 34 lbs and am finally feeling comfortable in my body again. Most of my clothes are too big but now I am more than happy to buy new ones ;) The only other time I was this small was when I was starving myself with stress around the time I got married almost 7 years ago. I would go days without eating. Not healthy.

My joints don't hurt like they used to. I don't feel incredibly thirsty or wake up with a parched desert mouth. Colours seem brighter to me somehow. I am happy. I am stronger. I feel zen like and balanced. I am free from cravings and those desires for questionable foods. I seem to feel more creative and focused on my work. I feel passionate to share my journey and hopefully this can help to inspire others!