Advice for Myself before I went Raw Vegan

When I think back to the person I was 6 months ago, I am sad to see where she was and what she was feeling. I'm sad to think that over 10 years ago I had already found the lifestyle that could have helped with all of my health struggles and mood. I'm sad to know that I could have been a raw vegan at any point all of those years ago but didn't. I wish I could go back and shake myself but I was where I was and this is a letter that I would write to myself if I could go back in time.

Dear Lissa,

You are beautiful. You are just feeling sick right now and that beauty is hidden underneath all of those sad emotions and toxic symptoms. Your skin will improve and you will be amazed. Seriously, I know you have tried a lot, but this will finally free you from that. You won't have to use food to enjoy your life anymore. You will be happy for no reason and you won't need certain consumables to enjoy your day. You have no idea that if you could only realize that you have the power within yourself to let go of those things you know are not meant to be eaten by you.

You were meant to eat fruit and vegetables. I know you really don't like them right now, but with time, you will crave them. You will LOVE them. You will forget the tastes, the textures and smells of those foods you eat right now. You will slowly forget the meals you used to make and when you are hungry you will automatically think of what's in the fridge, or what raw creation you could make that day. The day will come, trust me. You will get there. You just have to take the plunge.

Take a day and watch those videos that you are putting off. Really take a whole day. Sit down and really watch them. Take in all the information you can in one day and that is the day that your life will change. Do it sooner than later. You will wish you did it sooner.

Look at that next can of energy drink, that next coffee cup, that next bag of sweets or chips, or that next thing you want to eat that is packaged. Look at them as if they are completely inedible and you can't actually open or eat them. Pretend they are plastic and not food. Soon you will look at shelves in the supermarket as display cases for items, and not food. Soon you will see the dessert tables at buffet restaurants and wedding as just pretty arrangements and not actually consumable. They look fake now and soon you will see that too with time. It's all just fake.

Never stop learning. Learn all you can and be open. Be open to other ideas and listen to your body. When you change your diet and start eating clean foods, your body itself will start to detox. You will release. You will get through it, I promise. Things only get better from the day you decide to never eat an animal again. There may be meals along the way that you will have to eat something cooked out of complete necessity but don't destroy yourself over it. It may happen twice in 6 months but as long as you are vegan you will get through the tiredness you will feel.

Eat when you want. Eat fruit. Just eat more fruit, more vegetables when you are snacky. Don't be scared of those calories, I know so many people have told you to restrict calories, but you don't have to on this diet. You will eat when your body wants fuel and you will feel balanced. You won't be starving all the time like those other diets you have tried. You will feel satisfied if you eat enough. Your metabolism is all messed up right now and I know that whatever you eat seems to go straight to your thighs, but with time you will heal and you will feel free being able to eat whatever fresh fruit or vegetable to your hearts content. That said, if you aren't hungry, don't eat. Don't force it. Some days you will just naturally not eat as much and other days you can't get enough. You will lose that weight this way. Promise.

You will crave. Try your new technique when you crave ( ), it will help you in those intense times. It's natural as your body adjusts to your natural way of eating. Right now you eat way too much fat and guess what, it's preventing any carbohydrates you eat from feeding your cells and creating energy. You are tired and dying for food all of the time because you are imbalanced and have too much blood sugar from eating all of that fat. Don't do olive oil. It does the same thing. Just stick to fruits, vegetables and a few nuts and seeds. Those are the days you will feel like a superhero. And that will be most days.

Finally, know that you can do this. You have the strength. Be consistent and things will pay off down the road. This is a healing diet so it will take time. You will be so happy that you did and wish you did it sooner. You will feel a purpose in your new way of eating that brings joy to your life as you save animals and the planet in your own little way. Feel that passion, and get motivated. This is the best day of your life. make every day after better than today :)

Much love, Lissa xo