You're Grateful for More Than You Think

How many times has someone said to you, "You should count your blessings!"

Yes! We should.

There are so many things that we can be grateful for that we may not even realize. Starting a gratitude journal is a beautiful tool to add to your daily routines to lighten your mood and help you realize how blessed you really are. I list mine at night time before I go to sleep, but you can do them at anytime that you can. The key is to do it at a time of day that you will be able to stick to consistently.

Grab a little notebook and start today! There are only two rules.

1) Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day. You can also write down people or experiences during the day that made you smile or feel happy.

2) You should never write the same thing twice. Things can be similar, but never exact if you can help it - example could be: Your Husband on day one. Then maybe a week later he washed the dishes as a lovely gesture and that made you happy - go ahead and add that - Remember, it's just a game you don't need to be perfect. If something REALLY made you happy, write it down!

So for example most people will inevitably start with the top big things that everyone is grateful for. Your spouse/significant other, your children, family and friends, your companion animals, your house, car, job, etc. Those are the easy ones! Of course we are grateful for those things, and this isn't meant to trivialize them, but we are trying to find little shining rainbows in our daily lives that we may not recognize. Once you have gotten through your happiest and most cherished things/people you are thankful for then this is where the real action starts. You will need to start really digging to get those little things down.


  • Certain raw foods you just love
  • The sun shining into your living room that day, and the moment you stopped and just enjoyed the warmth for 2 minutes
  • That kitchen utensil you can't live without
  • The beautiful lemons you found at the farmers market
  • The fact that you have a furnace to keep you warm on cold days
  • Etc...

Really get down to those little things. One of my journal days when I was trying really hard to find some stuff (trust me, it gets harder on some days) I wrote that I was grateful for the comfortable chair that I have in my office and the soft blanket that I take all over the house and cozy in. Those things. The little things. I know there's so many in your life, and it's a lovely thing to remind yourself daily of everything. It is also a great tool to reflect on the day, and with time I found that it taught me to easily find the silver lining in anything.

Much love, Lissa xo