Spicy Marinated Mushroom Salad

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Marinating mushrooms:

Slice a bunch of mushrooms and add to a bowl

Use lemon juice (and coconut aminos is optional) as the marinade (OR LIME!! You could add Mexican spices too for a fiesta flavour!)

Add chopped green onions, leeks, garlic or anything you want to marinate with the mushrooms!

For spices you can use red pepper flakes, black pepper, dill, smoked paprika, really anything you feel like! :) Switch it up and try different combos!

MARINATE mushrooms in a SUNNY SPOT on the counter for a few hours. The longer you marinate the better they get! You can also put them in the dehydrator, but the sun marinated ones are epic!!! I marinate for roughly 2, sometimes 3 hours - just depends on my day.


Twist on my classic french. This one is spicy so you might need to use less spice!

About 5-6 dates and about 3/4 cup water - depending on how thick or thin you like your dressing. Adjust as you blend

Garlic, cumin, mustard powder, red pepper flakes and smoked paprika for spices - adjust to taste!

Sprig of green onion and a few cherry tomatoes!

Blend and again - adjust spice and water to your own desire.


Anything you want!

I start with half a head of red leaf lettuce chopped followed by 3 mini cucumbers, celery and cherry tomatoes! Add anything else you want!

Add the mushrooms and dressing. Mix and enjoy!! xox

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